Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happily Ever After

My parents are celebrating their 59th Wedding Anniversary today.  Mother wrote her memories of their elopement at our family blog, Generation to Generation

I thought about what 59 years might mean.  Its longer than I have been around...as I came shortly after their 5th anniversary.  I've lived with a Rocket Engineer long enough to appreciate numbers and factoring.  59 years is 21, 550 days (give or take, considering leap years).  It is 517, 200 hours. 

It is 31, 032, 000 minutes and
1,861,920,000 seconds!  Wow!

The amazing thing about Mother and my Sweet Daddy is this:  They have been truly happy for those 59 years!  Oh, sure...there have been some tough times.  I'm not so silly to think that it has all been a bed of roses.  I've seen some of the rocky road in their pathway.  I've been the bump in that pathway on more than one occasion.

Here's the difference between my parents and a lot of other people I've known and observed. 

They choose to be happy. 
Really happy.
Which means that sometimes, someone has to give up what they want for themselves.  Their marraige relationship is more important to each of them than their own personal wants and desires.  Oh, they tease and have some running things that they fuss about.  But if you know them very well at all, you know that they have a deep and abiding love and respect.  You know that nothing comes between them. 

They are a T-E-A-M, team.

We children often laugh about who is Mom's favorite.  I have insisted for some time that they don't have to tell me that I'm the favorite, I know.  Not necessary to voice it.  Which always makes them smile.  One year, Mother said that she got cards from each of her children that referred to being the favorite.  But my oldest brother, Rob, got it right when he said he knew for a fact who Mom's favorite was.  Its Daddy.  My big brother is fairly astute.  Because that is true.  Mother's favorite is Daddy and Daddy's favorite is Mother.

On this day, so many days away from that day in 1952 when they exchanged vows before a preacher they didn't know in a town they rode a bus to get to...on this day, I  celebrate their love, their honor, their respect, their fortitude and their laughter.  They gave me such a wonderful example of what it means to be man and wife.  For them and for their example, I am truly grateful.

Happy Anniversary to
my Dear Mother and my Sweet Daddy. 
Because of you, I believe in Happily Ever After!

My Dear Mother and Sweet Daddy, May 2010



Charlotte said...

Thank you Mollianne....
We are so thankful for all our
children and know that they
are a blessing from Our Father.

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK said...

Hi Mollianne, Please to meet you. And didn't I LOVE reading your sweet family memories. My parents would have been married 50 years a month after my sweet dad went to be with the Lord. Such a blessed example for all of us! Thanks again for stopping by! :)

Mollianne said...

Thank you, Kaye, for stopping by my blog.

Lisa said...

Such a sweet post and picture! One of my goals is to be married at least 50 years. I love to hear about long happy marriages.