Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Praise-I was Glad

I am glad, very glad to have been in the house of the Lord today!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Photo Friday-River Time

I'm linking up with Diane Bailey today for Photo Friday.

Last Saturday, we {okay, I kind of decreed we were going to go} decided to throw responsibility to the wind and go on an adventure.  I had one go where the water was running and the rocks were big! In my neck of the woods, the first place that comes to mind is Little River Canyon.  One of my favorite spots on God's green earth, it acts as a balm to my soul.
I spent many, many afternoons happily stomping in creeks as a child. I love to have my feet in running water.  Doesn't have to be swift, although I like that.  I especially love to sit on a big, warm rock and watch the water flow over my feet. The carefree feeling evoked isn't replicated anywhere else in my life.  If fact, given the choice...I think I'd choose time at a shallow river or a good creek bed over the beach. {Gasp!! I know I'm in the minority}
Anyway, I threw bathing suits and sunscreen in a bag, grabbed some towels and off we went! Little River Canyon is about an hour and a half drive from our house and we were pretty quiet as we rode. It was as pleasant as could be.  Just the two of us and the radio, headed toward the Canyon.
It was obviously the choice of many people on Saturday and quite crowded.  But we managed to find a spot and chill out for about two hours. Delightful.
We watched children splashing and letting the current sweep them down the rocks smoothed by centuries of rushing water. 
Some folks brought their dogs and we loved watching them get in the water.
We saw fish and snakes {yuck!} and I spent a long time watching butterflies and bees feast on a flowering bush.
The song of the current and the warmth of the sun combined with the gentle kiss of a breeze made the event like a glimpse of heaven to me. 


Yep!  A little glimpse of heaven on earth.

I'll be thinking of our afternoon on the river tomorrow when
I'm doing the laundry and cleaning the house.
And remembering to be thankful for the time away last week.