Saturday, March 5, 2011

Two Down...Three to Go

Today's trip to the Risky Business Center was simply unremarkable.  No equipment malfunctions.  No fluid mechanics lessons.  The IV went in with minimal discomfort.  No annoying alarms. No Broomhilda.  Just 1000 mg of The Poison  The Juice. Drip...Drip...Drip.

My Annie with the Million Watt Smile was the designated grown-up Responsible Adult today.  She came and got me in her black convertible and we went to the Market Place at the Church House. I bought some goodies to take to the staff at the Risky Business Center.  A little bribery is a good thing.

We enjoyed wandering through the booths and managed to stimulate the economy just a bit with our few purchases.  We went to lunch at a new Mexican Restaurant and enjoyed  our meal.  We rode with the top down on a beautiful day!  It was great {Rocket Man is going to have to get me a convertible!  We're probably going to have to replace the dead vehicle parked at the curb.  Might as well get something with a convertible top.  Its worth a try!}

Rocket Man arrived when the drip was about half done.  He and Annie entertained me until I was done.  Just as we were about to make a clean getaway, Rocket Man realized his parking ticket wasn't validated.  The receptionist was gone for the day.  But in typical Rocket Man fashion, he got his validation and we were off.

We went to the Rocket Office so Rocket Man could finish his Rocket Work for the day.  I acutally dozed a bit {an amazing thing with the amount of The Poison The Juice that I have cursing through my veins}.  We came home and have been like slugs ever since.

All in all...not a bad day.  No tears.  No tantrums.  No 'roid rage.  Didn't even go on a steroid shopping spree.  I don't feel so pretty good and wonder if I'll ever sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time again...but I have seen bits and pieces of some of my favorite movies on TV. 

Did all that, and nobody got hurt.  Not a bad day.  Not a bad day at all!



Annie said...

Hehe!! I win!!

Mollianne said...

Yes, m'am. You do!