Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Plan

Responsible Adult (a.k.a. The Amazing Rocket Man) checking the equipment
Day 4 at the Risky Business Center was the best so far. 

After the bumbling and mishap of yesterday, I devised a plan and went with it.

My objective for the day, besides getting my dose of The Poison The Juice,
was to get it as quickly as possible and be on time for Church. 

Rocket Man and I discussed the pump programming problem and being that he is a Rocket Scientist and all, he came up with a solution to the problem.  Because that is the way he rolls.  He is nothing if not a problem solver.  He is NOT always the best people person, so I handled that part.

Here is how it all worked out.

Before I tell you anything else, I'd just like to get this part of the day clear.  For the record, I did not
accost the woman on the elevator carrying 8 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts.  I didn't even ask her for one.  I'm on the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Eating Plan and Krispy Kreme donuts are NOT part of the plan.  I didn't even ask her if I could open a box and smell them. 

I wished her a happy morning and then cried like a baby when she got off the 'vator.

I walked into the Center on the dot of eight, while Rocket Man went to get our breakfast at Mickey D's up the street.  I had oatmeal with fruit.  Not a Krispy Kreme, but it IS on the plan.  And lets just say the score for Moral Victory at this point  is Molli-1, Temptation to physcially harm lady carrying donuts and ditch the infusion while I eat all  8 dozen in the ladies' room-0!

When Betty Lou came to the desk a few minutes later, I cheerily wished her a good morning.  I was dressed for church, wering my Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes, big hair (even used hairspray) and gobs of gemstones.  Betty Lou commented on how pretty I looked (gaining instant forgiveness for blowing my vein yesterday) and I smiled and told her that I really hoped to be done in time to go to
my Church for Worship this morning. 

She declared that they would have to see to it that I was done in time.  Ohhhh...I love it when a plan works.  I told her I'd like to get my drip in 60 minutes, please.  Mmmmmm....she wasn't sure about that.  But I kept smiling and told her I'd had a 60 minute drip before and did just fine.  She looked at my orders, which allowed a 60 to 120 minute time frame and said she didn't see why I couldn't do that.

She started my IV while Vera went to the pharmacy to get the bag.  God love her, she didn't blow a vein today, although she did manage to relieve me of some of my B+, making a mess on the floor and receiving a souvineer stain on her shoes.  But when Vera came in with the bag...I was ready to go

Enter the Rocket Man.  He looked at me and raised the eyebrow, questioning if I'd done my people-person part.  I nodded slightly and he began.  "I don't wan't to tell you your business..." he started.  That is Massey-speak for "I'm going to tell you your business and furthermore, I'm going to tell you what you ought to do."  But he said it so nicely and they were all about getting me to Church on time.  He told Vera his billiant plan about programming the pump and she thought a minute and said that was an amazing idea. 

 And then, she did what we asked. 

Another moral victory.

We had a Fluid Mechanics lesson when an air bubble caused the pump to start.  Well, make that I got a lesson.  But Betty Lou fixed the problem in a heartbeat and we were once again cooking with gas.

One hour and twenty minutes and we were outta there.  Early for Church.

The only downside was The Poison The Juice rush.  I felt like my head was going to blow off. 

But, I wanted to go to Church and be on time and I was.  It was worth the rush. 

At my age, all of life comes with a bit of a compromise.

I have hit the euphoric phase of the treatment and I'm kinda enjoying it.  We have laughed till my sides hurt.  I'm not sure if I'm being funny...but I'm cracking me up.  Rocket Man has been amused. 
Doesn't get much better than that.

My lesson learned for today:  Go with a plan. Divide and conqour.  Keep your goal in mind.  Have a Responsible Adult that you absolutely adore when you are on The Poison The Juice

Last treatment tomorrow!
Then, I crash...I hope.


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