Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amazing Grace

Boy Wonder
My grandsons are staying with me this week while enjoying their spring break.  While its not quite a trip to the beach or Disney, they seem to be enjoying the down time and relaxing of their schedule.  Staying up late, sleeping in.  They think they are very big because they are at home {alone} and unsupervised. 

Its working out very well.  Their mom-my daughter- is able to have a week to concentrate on her studies.  They get to feel big.  Rocket Man and I get to spend extra time with them.  While they still want to be with us.  Which I doubt will last forever. 

Yesterday, as I was almost done getting ready for work, I had quite a deep conversation with The Boy Wonder, who had only been awake for about 5 minutes.

I was looking at my fragrances (all 3 of them), trying to decide which to wear.  I chose, looked at him and said, "I think I'll smell like Amazing Grace today!"  (Amazing Grace is a delightful fragrance by Philosophy) 

The conversation that followed:

Boy Wonder:  Grandmother, I don't think you smell like Jesus.
Me:  Really?  Do tell!
Boy Wonder:  Well, Jesus was really a busy guy.  He was always healing the sick, feeding people, raising the dead, teaching and he walked from place to place.  He would show up at a stranger's house and just ask to eat and stay there.  He probably didn't have time to take a bath and I don't think he smelled very good.
Me:  Hmmm.   You are probably right.  But what, exactly, does that have to do with Amazing Grace?
Boy WonderGrandmother, if Jesus isn't Amazing Grace, then what is He?

What, indeed?
...out of the mouth of a drowsy boy. 
Thank you, God, for the razor sharp insight of this child.  Keep him safe and tender and in Your care.



Annie Joy said...

This is truly wonderful -- what an insight! I love your choice of the word "grace", it encompasses so much in our lives, doesn't it? I guess wherever grace goes, gratitude should follow. Annie

Mollianne said...

Thanks, Annie. The Boy Wonder is very insightful and has a wonderful desire to know God. And I absolutely agree that gratitude follows grace. I'm learning more and more of that as I ponder grace this year. ~Mollianne