Friday, March 11, 2011


Sometimes, joy just overflows. 
When things are good
When the sun is shining
When I wake up rested
When an unexpected surprise greets me around the corner
When music fills my heart and bubbles over into dance

Sometimes, joy is like a still water.
When quiet contentment sits sweetly in my soul
When I feel safe and connected
When a cup of coffee and conversation hits the spot
When I know that I've done my best and it was good enough
When the dirt and dust of the day are washed away and I feel clean and new

Sometimes, joy is like a rainbow.
When I need a promise of better days
When I don't feel joy, but I know it is there, because I believe in it
When my head knows that  the pain my heart feels is
because I have loved a thing or moment so dear
When I'm at the end of what I can do
When I trust in God and know that ' comes in the morning'

Living in joy today. 
Not because all is well. 
Not because I feel jazzed and joyful. 
But because my joy is rooted in something other than the flimsy circumstances of my day to day life. 
I have assurance, hope, peace and yes...I have joy. 
Oh, yes!  My friends,  I have joy! 

Thanks be to God!


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