Friday, February 25, 2011

Some things that just can't wait

I had a conversation recently with a friend and I realized I heard a phrase from him that I have heard him say occasionally over the years. (and one I'm sure I've thought and said as well)  He said he was ready to get to a point where he could just enjoy life.

And that got me to thinking. 

As things often do.
(don't be alarmed...I'm a trained thinker. 
I have a degree in Philosophy.  Its what we do!)

Even though I know in my head and my heart that all of life's moments are supposed to be treasured and enjoyed...I don't always do it.  Even when I'm purposeful about living in the today, something in my pointy little head is straining to see what lies ahead or making plans and contingencies.

But, you know what?

Some things just can't be put off.

Like enjoying the first flowers of spring,
because they don't last.

Like laughing at an 11 year old boy's silly jokes,
because he will soon be 12 and maybe he won't want to tell me those silly jokes. 

Like calling someone who is on my heart to check in,
because they might not live through the night.
(learned this one the hard way)

Like saying 'yes I can' to the person who stops me on the street for help
because I might be his last hope for help.  Even if I can't give him more help than an encouraging word while looking him in the eye and acknowleding him as a person.

Like taking every opportunity to show love and speak love to the ones I love most,
because they need to hear it and I need to say it.

Like smiling
Like singing
Like dancing
Like laughing
Like praying
Like worship
Like giving joyfully from my abundance
Like taking care of my physical well being
Like crying
Like crying with someone in great pain or need
Like allowing myself to feel the wonder of the earth
and express my joy
and embrace my life.  All of it! (even the not so great parts)

Because, I don't know how long I'm going to be here.
And I don't know how long you are going to be here.

And I don't want to say in the end,
"I sure wish I'd done (fill in the blank) ..."

So, I'm going to encourage my friend to enjoy the here and now and not wait for that someday when some made-for-TV movie that he has embedded in his mind begins to happen in his life.  I'm going to suggest that he embrace the opportunites of today, so that he will appreciate the blessings of tomorrow. 

And I just might do a little more of that myself.



Annie Joy said...

Very inspirational! Question: Did you major in philosophy? I took several courses and loved them! I remember a discussion in one; a classmate asked exactly what a philosopher could do for a living. Someones responded, "He (she) could be king!"

Mollianne said...

Yes, m'am. I do have a major in Philosophy. A lot of philosophy majors go on to greaduate school. It really is a good foundation for many fields because of the critical thinking and analysis that are requried in a good program. Thank you, as always, for your kind comments.

Charlotte said...

Now, which corner was it where we picked you up and in what town???
Surely I should know, but somehow
in my "ol'age" I forgot. I simply remember that tiny girl we brought to Seminary Village to the delight of two little boys and a Sweet Daddy that wanted a little girl in the worst way. The Mama---well she knew that she had "done good"!