Thursday, February 24, 2011

Godspeed, Discovery

Shuttle Discovery

There she stands, waiting at the pad as the countdown clock ticks away.

Shuttle Discovery is scheduled to launch at 4:50 p.m. tomorrow. 
STS-133 marks Discovery's last voyage into space.

I had plans, big plans, to be there to view the launch.  Not quite a life-long the Shuttle program has only been flying since my children were babies.  Not ever my dream to see the last launch of any given spacecraft.  But the dream of a lifetime, nonetheless.

Things happen.  Plans change.  Circumstances beyond our control at times close opportunities. Unfortunately, the opportunities to view a shuttle launch are extremely limited. 

I will watch from a television or perhaps my computer. 
I will pray for the crew, for mission control and for their families and friends. 

Godspeed, Discovery. 
Fly true. 
Deliver  your cargo and return home safely.


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