Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Letter to the Boys Fantastic

The Boys Fantastic
Dear Mac Attack and Boy Wonder,
Thank you for such a fun-filled weekend.  It was really a lot of fun to take a road trip and go to Chattanooga with you.  Along with the fishes and rocks and waterfalls, I saw some amazing things.

I saw a boy who looked out for the young children all around and
stepped back to let small children get closer to the exhibits.

Mac Attack

I saw two boys who took the change out of their pockets when they thought nobody
was looking and put it in the tip cup where we ate dinner.

I saw a boy who came to find his Grandmother just to check and make sure she was okay.

I saw adolescence trying to be cool, with silly boy still just under the surface.

I saw unabahsed awe and wonder at the beauty of God's world.

Boy Wonder

I saw good natured teasing met with laughter.

I saw boys who said 'thank you' for everything that was done for them...over and over again. 

I saw boys who are teetering on the precipice of being young men...boys who hold a part of my heart in their beings as well as my blood and genes...boys who are interested and interesting...Boys Fantastic.

God Bless you, my dear Boys, and keep you in His care.

Love always,

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