Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sometimes, I Just Feel Like a Squirrel

Sometimes I feel like a flying squirrel...leaping from one precarious limb to another

Sometimes I feel like a bat must have flown into my bedroom while I was, wait!  That DID happen!

Most days I feel like this squirrel...just too doggone fat!

Sometimes, I feel like hissing at the world

Sometimes I feel like I'm out of place...or on another planet

Occasionally, I feel like Super Squirrel

Sometimes, I feel like I'm trapped with no place to go

Mostly, I feel like I'm very loved and cared for.
How about you?  Ever feel like a squirrel?


Annie said...

Yes!! I feel like the squirrel who's already got her nut and the stupid nut is taking over her life!!

Annie said...

I feel like the squirrel who's nut has taken over her life!!