Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday’s Whinings

We had a few whiners last week. Everyone who whined with me, won a prize. Annie got a fingernail file that has an appropriate saying on it for such a lovely whine. Teri’s specialty coffee has been mailed (in hopes of getting a button sometime soooooooon) and I have something for Jodi (if she will send me her address) just for participating. I truly hope that Jodi’s RA is better.

Here’s what I have found to whine about since last week:

The Allman Brothers Band Concert.
1. They played for 3 hours and didn’t play my favorite soooooooong. (Soulshine…you should look it up and listen. Its great!)
2. The smoke (and not necessarily from cigarettes, if you get my drift) was thickkkkkkk. Really thick. Made me sneeze and my eyes water.
3. We were out waaaaaaay too late. I was a zombie all day long on Sunday.

I just don’t feeeeeeeel good. My allergies are driving me craaaaazy. I can’t seem to get enough sleeeeeep. If it weren’t physically impossible, I’d think I was pregnaannnnnnt. Don’t even think about starting a rumor. There would be a star in the East if that were the case.

Today, I feel like I am so far away from my parents and home. This isn’t really a funny or a silly whine. It is true. My Daddy is having a heart cath today and I wish I were there. I’m not whining about it, but a big part of me wishes I were in Central Missouri with my folks today. My heart is heavy today.

This started out with an attempt at humor and turned out to just being where I am today. Praying for my parents, the doctor, the nurses and all who care for my Daddy, for my brother who is traveling to be with them and for the rest of my family, scattered far and wide as we wait.

You are welcome to play. Anything funny you'd like to whine about today. I'd love to share a laugh or two.

There is still the matter of a button that I realllllllllly, realllllllly wanted before I started posting my Wednesday Whinings. You know who you are! Terrrrrrrrrrrrrrri!


Annie said...

I think that if I look down deep enough, I might be able to find a whine.
My ten year old fits into pants with a 28 inch waist. He keeps on growing and I can't hardly feeeeed him.
My twelve year old is going to been in braces for another nine months at least and I'm tiiiired of the orthodontist.
I didn't get a petit four and I've had a haaaard week. Month. Year.
People were meeeaaannn to me yesterday and almost ruined how good I felt about what I had done.
My Papa is in the hospital and all I can do is sit here and worry. And pray.
And, there are no groceries in the house and I have no time to geeeeet them.

I'd like to say it can't get much worse, but my phone is ringing and I'm sure I don't want to hear what's on the other end...

Mollianne said...

Your Papa is going home and you can call him. He/Oma would love that.

You'll get a petit four, I promise.

9 more months? Geez!

Teri Lynne Underwood said...

uuuuuugggggghhhhhh ... and geeeeeeeeezzzzzz ...

My whines ... my husband has been gone for a week and my water pump quit working on Sunday (the only day that I actually HAVE to be anywhere) ...

I spent 7 hours on Friday on a bus with 4th graders ... seriously ... that deserves some wine!

And my aunt who shall remain nameless keeps harping about a button for her blog ... seriously, again ... her daughter is taking a website design class in college ... doesn't this seem obvious??

Anyway ... since the coffee is on it's way, I guess I'll TRRRRYYYY to find time to make the button before next week. But if I don't, at least she'll have SOMETHING to whine about.

Mollianne said...

I think that the bus ride is right up there with the second hand smoke I inhaled at the concert!

Beth said...

I love this! Let me try one! I'm 21 weeks pregnant, and people are already asking me if I'm do any tiiiiiiiimmme now.

Nothing huge this week. If I'd have whined before I read everyone else's, I might have had more, but I'm giggling too much now to be whiney!

Mollianne said...

Good job, Beth. I haaaaaated it when people asked me if I was due when I was only 4 months pregnant with Annie. I got sooooo big sooooo fast. I felt like a beached whaaaaaaaaale.