Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday's Thankful Thoughts

I am following the example of my dear grown-up niece, Teri Lynne (you can find her at Pleasing to You) and am going to post weekly, on Thursdays, several things for which I am grateful. While I intend to mostly list things that are current in my life, I won't exclude being thankful for past events and persons for which I am grateful.

Not too many years ago, I was in fairly tight circumstances and it seemed that wave after wave of disaster kept rolling over me. Some of the disaster was of my own making. Some was not. Didn't really matter. There were times when I felt so hopeless and helpless. Every single time, someone helped me out. Money from some very generous individuals, a Christmas Ham from a Sunday School Class, and a baby shower for my grandson before he was born with so many gifts that they filled the back seat of two cars, one trunk and the back end of a Jeep Cherokee. I made a commitment during that time to forever more live a life of gratitude and to always be thankful for my blessings. Even when they came due to disaster and as a result of poor choices.

With that in mind, here are my
Thursday's Thankful Thoughts :

1. April 15, Paying our taxes. I know, I know. It is the popular thing to complain about taxes! Tea parties and protests abound. I, for one, am grateful to be part of the 47% who earned enough in 2009 to pay taxes. Rocket Man and I are very blessed to have meaningful work that we enjoy (well, most of the time) and to be fairly compensated for that work. I am grateful that we are making our own way, pulling our own weight and that we are contributing members of society. We make every effort to give back, not only through the paying of taxes, but also through our church giving, charitable contributions and everyday acts of kindness and generosity. So yes. Today, I am thankful that we have paid our taxes. (and anxious for our refund)

2. Remission. After over 4 years of doctors, clinics, tests and merry-go-round, I was recently diagnosed with a rare neurological condition. The testing was not always pleasant and the diseases they ruled out were even less pleasant. Thankfully, my particular ailment is treatable and after a rigorous IV Steroid treatment 8 weeks ago, I am now in remission and symptom-free. That, my friends, is something about which we are most grateful. Cautiously so, as we have no idea how long before the symptoms will return. But thankful, oh! so! thankful, for the return of physical and cognative functions! Very, very thankful.

3. Spring. Spring is a mixed blessing. In the Heart of Dixie, spring has come with a vengance this year. In fact, the teperatures here have been as much as 15 degrees above normal, more like summer than spring. Its been just plain hot. But, as I'm being thankful (maybe I'll have to post Wednesday Whinings to complain about how hot I am) We won't EVEN talk about the pollen. That would be a Wednesday Whinings post, as well. I will say that the beauty of God's earth is glorious this year. What a joy after such a bitter winter to look out the window and see all the blooming trees, shrubs and flowers. A plethora of colors assault the eyes after months of gray and darkness. For those colors and the fragrances of spring, I am indeed thankful.

So, my friends...what are you thankful for on this lovely Thursday? I would like to know.



Annie said...

I am thanful for the blessing of healthy children with an amazing capacity of empathy.
I am thankful for a husband who understands how harried my life can be and still loves me anyway. And he brings me breakfast!
I am thanful for a family filled with friends, but especially my mother.
I thankful for warm days.
I am thankful that no matter how out of control and unfair life may seem, that I truly have all that I need.

Gianna said...

I am thankful for my dear friend Mollianne. I wish we got to hang out more often!

Mollianne said...

Annie, Amen. I am thankful for you, too! And very proud of you!

Gianna, I wish we got to hang out more often, too. Lets figure out how to make that happen, okay?