Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday’s Thankful Thoughts

I have much to be thankful for today. Mostly, I am thankful that My Sweet Daddy had a good report from his heart cath yesterday. Truly and earnestly grateful for that.

I am going to concentrate on some very simple pleasures today. I think if we remember to be thankful for the little things, it will be much easier to be grateful for everything!

Hot baths. Nothing like a hot bath with some soothing fragrance added to wash away all the troubles of a long day. I could soak for hours just looking at the flame of my candle and listening to some soulful music. The end result is that I am often relaxed, have left my cares behind me and feel clean and ready to rest and start tomorrow fresh and new. I am thankful for hot baths.

Hand lotion. I love hand lotion. Just when I think I’ve found the perfect lotion, I find a new one. I love to put lotion on and rub my hands together. I love the way my hands feel after I’ve applied lotion. I love the way that massaging the lotion takes tension out of my hands and relaxes me. I love the fragrance of my favorite lotions. I love the way they look displayed in a basket on my bedside table. I am thankful for hand lotion.

Sweet laughter in the middle of the night. We suffer with some insomnia at our house. Not all the time, but occasionally. I will wake up and try so hard to be quiet so I don’t wake Rocket Man up. I lay still and count blessings, sing songs to myself, make lists and try, try, try to go back to sleep. Often, sleep doesn’t come until about 15 minutes before the alarm is going off. Funny thing is that lots of the time, Rocket Man is laying there trying to keep quiet, laying still trying to keep from waking me up. The best is when one of us realizes that the other is awake and we have some mighty sweet conversations in the middle of the night. We laugh about the silliest things. We dream big dreams, tell our deepest secrets, solve the problems of the world, cuddle, laugh some more and eventually, I hear the slow and steady breathing the lets me know he has fallen back to sleep. I am so thankful for those delightful nights of laughter and fun. Even when it means I haven’t gotten enough sleep. I wouldn’t trade anything for those sweet times with the man I love.

Are there any simple things in your life for which you are thankful?

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