Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursdays Thankful Thoughts

I had so much fun with my whining yesterday. A little silliness goes a long way for me.

Here are a few Thursday Thankful Thoughts:
(These are bittersweet notes of gratitude today)

It has been 7 years this week since my precious grandmother, Neenie, died. I am so thankful for her and for the love and relationship that we shared. I am thankful for a heart that is full of memories of her and lessons she taught me. I'm thankful for her influence in my life, both while she was among us and now that she is gone. I am thankful for the relationship she had with my children, that they knew her personally and that they loved her very much. For the many things that she was to me, and to all who knew her, I am very grateful.

It has been 5 years ago this month that a dear friend and co-worker died. Elise Moss was one of the most extraordinary women I have ever known and I count it as a great privilege to have worked with and for her. I held her hand and sang to her as she was dying after a valiant fight against an awful cancer. I learned from her that you don't have to be defined by an illness or a situation. For that lesson and for the time we had together as friends and co-workers, I am very grateful.

I work in a large church as the Clergy Administrator (fancy name for Pastor's Secretary). In our office, we minister to a great many people. We have the joy of guiding people and helping them during the most significant moments of their lives. They come to us when they want to marry, when their babies are baptized, to confirm their children and to mourn and bury their dead. Lately, we have had the opportunity to help a family in great need of the love of Christ as well the love and support of their church and the community at large. I am in awe at the way the Pastor (lovingly referred to as Rev. Boss) is able to offer comfort to this family in their need. I am grateful that I can send out a prayer request and know that there are people who will stop what they are doing and pray for a situation without having to know the details. I am very thankful that there are days when my work is meaningful and makes a difference...a real the lives of those around me.

How about you? What are you thankful for this Thursday?


Annie said...

I am thankful for little, well not so little, hands that tenderly touch me with love.
I am thankful for strong arms that hold me close.
I am thankful for treats!
I am thankful that I have a house to come home to, no matter the shape it's in.
I'm thanful for listening ears.
I am thankful that I am loved.

Mollianne said...

You ARE loved, Annie! Deeply and dearly!