Friday, December 11, 2009

Need a Little Christmas?

Been busy? Fighting the Christmas shopping crowds...or like me, fighting my computer to purchase online? Cookies to bake? People to visit? Gifts to wrap? Have you got more list than you have time to accomplish said list before Christmas Eve ushers in Christmas Day (which, by the way is only 2 weeks from did THAT happen?)

Me, too! I took one of my last vacation days of the year yesterday, just so I could work on my house and go shopping for our Church's Christmas Benefit tomorrow. Rocket Man and I help buy food for some needy families. Imagine taking a vacation day to go grocery shopping...but that is exactly what I did.

I came to work with a bit of fear and trembling today. What would be waiting for me there? I work in a church. A large church. A VERY large church on a very busy street, across from a bus stop and up the street from a hospital. My concern as I pulled into my parking space was that we might be overrun with people needing help with utilities, medication, fuel, food, christmas gifts for their children. In years past, we have been very busy with such things. There are so many needs and we have limited resources, even though we have a large congregation. No congregation could meet all the needs of the people who walk in off the street. It huts my heart to turn people away. Especially on cold winter days.

I did the things that needed to be done. I typed the bulletin for a funeral service this afternoon. I met my deadlines for the monthly newsletter. I answered calls, returned calls and emails. I corrected addresses in the database.

I'll have to say that by 2:30, I was happy about what I'd accomplished and thankful that we'd had no emergencies. As far as I know, we don't have anyone who has been rushed to the ER, Hospice hasn't been called in for anyone new, nobody has died. No one has come to my office needing anything, other than my boss and his needs were of a clerical nature.

Then the most wonderful thing happened to me. Our organist came by and asked if I would come to the sanctuary and listen to a few pieces he was working on for the Carols of Christmas on Sunday evening and for the rest of the Christmas season. I thought for a nano-second and jumped up to follow him to the sanctuary.

We have an amazing organ. Amazing. It is something like the 9th largest organ in the state. When Mark turns that thing loose, it is astonishing. Really and truly fantastic. Mark is such an accomplished and talented organist and so kind to ask me to come and listen.

As I listened to him practice some really powerful, heavy-duty organ music, a precious peace settled on me. The music was glorious. Music celebrating the birth of Christ. God's only Son who became flesh to come and dwell among us. If the practicing of a gifted musician here on earth could give me chill bumps and take me to a place of peace and comfort in a busy season...what must the hosts of heaven sounded like when they sang Gloria in excelsis Deo? I still have chill bumps!

I'm leaving now to go home.
Hurridly, as I have to bake something to take to the party we are attending tonight.
Quickly, because we will spend tomorrow helping to get Christmas gifts and food to some people in our community who are less fortunate than we.
Sadly, because washing Rocket Man's clothes and repacking them so he can leave early Monday morning is on my list for the weekend.
Frantically, because of things I have left undone that must now be done.
But along with those feelings, I'm taking a bit of that glorious mini-concert I had with me. I'm tucking it in my heart and carrying that little piece of Christmas with me. I know I'll need it!

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