Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My not-so-little-anymore-little-boys

It has been a long time since my children were pre-adolsecents. Decades, in fact.

It is amazing to me the things I have forgotten

Like how funny the word 'ass' is in the Christmas story to a ten year old boy. Or, that any mention of words like 'balls' or 'nuts' can elict a giggling fit that lasts for half an hour.

Or how, once the fit is almost over, his brother can simply say the word-not even in a sentence- just the word...and the giggling begins again.

Ahh...the joys of boys. I've spent the past few days with my grandsons, and have had a delightful time.

I threw caution to the wind and laughed at a fart joke or two. I took them to spend the Christmas money that was burning holes in their pockets. We bought some shelves and beanbag chairs for their room at my house (with my money...not theirs). We ate cereal for dinner...just because we wanted to. I let them stay up late and play their video games after lights out.

I buy HoneyBuns by the case at Costco and that is what they eat for breakfast at my house.

For a Grandmother, I am pretty doggone cool! At least to my grandsons.

My children have observed that I allow my grandsons to do things I would have NEVER allowed them to do. They are absolutely right. But, then...I wasn't their grandmother.

I know that it won't be long before they give their hearts and minds to the fumes: the gas fumes of their first automobiles and the per-fume of their first girlfriends. Probably not in that order, either! Until then, I can laugh at the fart jokes and giggle with not-so-little-anymore-little-boys.


Annie said...

I was giggling too! They are pretty amazing, aren't they?

Mollianne said...

They *are* amazing. I asked them today if they remember when they were in daycare and I brought them home with me most nights. They don't. That sort of made me sad. I have such fond memories of that crazy time. Working part time, going to school and taking care of boys. Whew! Makes me tired now just to think of it.