Monday, December 21, 2009


My last post was about ANTICIPATION. About how anxious I was for Saturday night when my Rocket Man would step off that Delta Flight and be home for the holidays.

So, guess what? It didn't happen.

His presence is required in Florida for meetings on Monday and Tuesday. It did not make sense for him to fly home on Saturday night, only to turn around and fly back on Sunday. Really. It didn't.

That didn't make my disappointment any easier to swallow.

In all the plans, scenarios, thoughts, hopes and dreams I had for Christmas this year...this particular set of circumstances never even crossed my mind.

But you know what? I'm thankful that he has a good job and that he enjoys his work. I'm very thankful that he really wants to come home to me. I'm very, Very, VERY thankful that I have lots and lots of minutes on my cell phone plan. Lots. I think we've used them this weekend.

And, won't the disappointment on Saturday make the homecoming on Wednesday all the sweeter? I'm counting on it.


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