Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Can

I complained about the cold and wind this morning…
until I heard from someone who might be sleeping in her car tonight, because she has no place to go.

I was unhappy because I had to run out in torrential rain last night to get my trash can before it floated off…
this morning I was thankful that we sustained no wind or flood damage, as did others in our neighborhood.

I was grumpy about my headache…
until I remembered that I know someone who is having his leg amputated today.

I was resentful of a relative who I thought behaved poorly...
until I talked to someone who had a death in his family today.

You know, when I take stock of the things I have to be thankful for,
I am ashamed of even the smallest complaint I allow to settle in my thoughts…even when they go unsaid.

In this season of jingle bells, Joy to the World and heartfelt stories of Christmas miracles...I pray that I will be mindful that all around me there are people whose lives have come to pieces this very day. This very day!

My prayer is that my response to them, as our paths cross, will always be caring and concerned, even if I can’t give them the help that they ask for.

I can always pray for them.
I can always be kind to them.
I can always have compassion.
I can always let my own light shine into their darkness, so that they can see their way to a brighter tomorrow.

I can...but will I?

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