Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Second Chance...maybe

I couldn't believe I did that. 

You see...there is this conference I'd like to attend. Relevant 11.  And I kept thinking that I ought to get my ticket and then something would distract me.  Or I'd think about it when I wasn't near my computer and forget about it when I was.  You know?  Do you do that, too?

Days and weeks went by. 

Then...the tickets were gone.

I put myself on the waiting list.

I've been reading all about Relevant online, as folks Tweet about how excited they are about it and counting down days.

And I have kicked myself over and over for my procrastination.  The only thing keeping me from going is my lack of focus and following through.  I have funds to pay for the ticket, trasnportation and lodging.  I just don't have a ticket., I saw that someone is giving their ticket away.  Cris over at is giving hers away.  She is going to take the time she set apart to go and spend it with her family.  I applaud her for this decision.  It takes maturity to be willing to set something aside that you wanted to do so that you can do what is right for you and your family. 

So I am hoping that my entry will be chosen and I can go to Relevant for some much needed encouragement and to meet some wonderful women and make new friends. 

Next year...I'll be purchasing my ticket the day they are released!

Bless you, Cris, and no matter who wins, I'll be praying for you and your family that weekend.  That God will bless your time together and your memories of that special time will be precious treasures in your heart.


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