Friday, October 7, 2011


Its Friday and one of my favorite things in the blogosphere...5 Minute Friday over at The Gypsy Mama.  Where we set a timer, write for 5 minutes on a specific topic with no rewrites, no edits.  Just words pouring from our hearts through our fingers onto the screen.  Sometimes its raw, oftentimes poignant, always a good exercise. 

The prompt:  Ordinary
Timer set...Start!

Ordinary.  How I love it.  Those things that are so familiar and worn that they exude comfort...those ordinary things:  The flannel sheets {coming to our bed this weekend}, a favorite towel, Rocket Man's shirt that I bought for him before we got married {and it is so ratty looking} that he loves to wear...and his smile when he puts it on and still thanks me several times a year for buying it for him.  My grandmother's dishes.  A beloved recipe. 

A Hershey bar, pulled out of Rocket Man's backpack last night and handed to me with that smile and a wink.  All these years and he remembers.  Still winks.  Still pulls me to him and says words that he says over and over, 'How's my pretty girl?' 

The old quilt. The passing of the seasons, one into the other.  The prayers said over and over again for those who mean so much to us. Ordinary, everyday things that I cherish.  But somehow, the more I cherish them, the more they become extraordinary. 

Our life is certainly not one of glamour, fame or fortune.  But in our ordinary life, doing our ordinary things, we serve an extraordinary God and even the ordinary can become an act of worship.

Ordinary tasks like laundry, dish washing, sweeping, walking the dogs, making the bed, etc. become acts of praise and worship when given to God and done with praise on our lips and gratitude in our hearts.

Oh, how I love the ordinary we live in.  And the God who takes our ordinary and makes it extraordinary.

{confession...over 5 minutes today, but I had a spell (long story, goofy medical condition) in the middle and lost myself.  I guess I lose a letter grade for going over???  Is there grace for such?}


6 comments: said...

what comforting things .
things that bring peace are very healing for sure.

Felecia said...

Your ordinary honesty poured out of the page and all over my cereal. Shame. I agree that our God makes our ordinary extraordinary. HE is so full of grace and mercy - AND - your Rocket-Man seems to be running a close second! :)
I'm glad I was able to meet you this Friday, Mollianne.

Mollianne said...

Thanks, ladies, for reading my blog and for your comments. I'm always honored {and a little bit shocked} when people take time to comment. ~Mollianne

HopeUnbroken said...

loved every last bit of this. comfort. solace. that's what came to my mind, as well.
blessings to you!

TheFayon said...

I'd say five minutes with Mollianne is EXTRAORDINARY! She truly does show that what is tagged "ordinary" is often anything but that. Reflecting on what is our everyday, common experience -- when in the words, mind and heart of Mollianne, is always going to be a blessing. Very glad to be here. :)

Annie Joy said...

This was lovely to read. It reminded me of the sermon I heard on Sunday. Our pastor reminded us that our ordinary lives (with a roof over our heads and a refrigerators in our kitchens) are extraordinary to the huge percentage of people on this earth who do not live like kings (as we, relatively speaking)do. How I love my ordinary life, as you do, and how grateful I am to know how blessed most of us really are.