Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lift. Tone. Burn.

You remember I told you about my Pure Barre class? 
The one without the tutu?
Yeah, that one!


It is kicking my butt. 
 Big time.

And to add insult to injury...
yesterday, the 8 1/2 months pregnant woman in class was doing better than I was.

But I was there. 
That has to count for something. 
Especially since the class started at 6 a.m.
Before I had coffee.


I'm going back today after work. 
That ought to be a whole different experience. 
Wide awake and taking the class. 


In all  fairness, I am asking my muscles to do things they have not done--possibly ever. 
And I notice that Sally O'Slim and Fitness Barbie are leaving the classes winded as well. 

It is an intense workout.

Here is how I feel while I'm doing it.

Who knew that holding your leg in an unnatural position while on your tippy-toes and squeezing a hateful red ball high up between your thighs for {just} 20 more seconds could be such torture?

I didn't know before, but I sure do know now!


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