Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sledding in Alabama

I live in Alabama, smack dab in the Heart of Dixie. We had {for us} a major weather event this week. North Alabama was covered with anywhere from 6-10 inches of snow. It was beautiful. It also shut us down.

While the streets are relatively clear 5 days into the event, it is bitter cold and some parking lots are a mess. School is still out of session. Parents are tearing their hair out because they feel trapped in the house with their children. Small business owners are going to feel it because folks aren't out spending their money. This has been quite an event.

It has been a week of smiles and memories for me. Growing up in Iowa and Missouri, snow was just part of everyday life in the winter. My early adult life was spent in Germany, Colorado, New York, Ohio and Virginia before moving to the South in my early 30's. I haven't seen much of the white, fluffy stuff in Alabama.

Sunday night, I was at the window, watching the wonder of snow coming down. It was accumulating so quickly on the very cold roads and I began to think that the fervent prayers I had prayed every January and February for the past 13 winters were about to be answered. You see, I've prayed for a snow day so I could stay at home with the Rocket Man. Just the two of us. There have been snow days, but he has always gone on to work anyway. This time was going to be different. I just knew it.

And it was! Monday morning, the yard was full of glorious, white, heavy, beautiful, wonderful snow

I ran downstairs and made coffee and giggled and danced and gathered up my winter gear. Snow! I was going to go out and take pictures and play in the snow.

We bundled up and set out walking. We walked up the street and down to the main road. We talked to neighbors and watched children building snowmen. I was able to lend one of my neighbors my snow shovel {I have an honest-to-goodness real snow shovel} so he could stop using a garden shovel to try to clean off his driveway.

When Rocket Man was colder than he could possibly stand, we came in. I should remind you that he is my Son of the South and he doesn't tolerate cold well. At. All. Just doesn't do it. We are thermatically {is that a word?} incompatible. I love, Love, LOVE cold weather and I especially love snow.

I was chomping at the bits to go sledding, but we decided to wait until evening and give the slush in the roads a chance to freeze. All day long, I was at the window looking out. Oh my! How I love the beauty of that clean wonderful blanket of snow that covered my yard.

After supper, I gathered my winter gear once again. A good friend who lives in our neighborhood had come for supper and we were all going to go sledding. I scampered up into the attic and got down the old Flexible Flyer and was ready to go. It was going to be perfect. It was dark. Nobody else was out on the streets...they were all inside watching the BCS Championship game. I was bundled up and I was going sledding.

We rode up the hill in the back of our friend's truck with the trusty sled. He parked and then Rocket Man and I walked up the next hill. He was doubtful that I would be able to make it down because the slush wasn't frozen as we thought it would be. I was hopeful.

When we reached the summit, I got a lecture from the Man from Macon, Georgia about how to sled. I guess he's an expert because they get so much snow in Macon or something {did you hear the sarcasm?}.

I put the sled on the snow, laid down on it and down I went.It was wonderful. And there really are many good reasons why I probably shouldn't have done it.

I'm 53 years old and a grandmother
I have bronchitis
I have that bad back that is 'off' and 'ain't right'
I could have gotten hurt
I could have gotten sicker
I suppose that I could have gotten killed

But you know what? I flew down that hill, shrieking with pure delight. It was as if I had beomce the child I used to be...a child who loved to play in the snow, who would stand at the door with my hat and mittens frozen solid and beg my Mother to let me stay out for just a few more minutes. I never did that in the spring, summer or fall. Only in the winter when it snowed.

When I got to the bottom, I trudged back up and reluctantly offered the sled to Rocket Man and he politely declined. He said, "Molli. We brought you out to sled. You go down this hill as many times as you can and you enjoy it. Our joy is in watching you." {Did I mention before that I am absolutely crazy in love with this guy...and do you see why?}

So I flew down the hill and trudged back up until I couldn't put one foot in front of the other. And they watched and cheered me on, laughing with me and admonishing me to be careful. When I was done, we loaded back up in the truck and came home.

If I never get to sled again, and I understand that if we go another 14 years before we have significant snow...that quite possibly was my last trip down a hill on the Flexible Flyer...I'm good. Because Monday night was such a wonderful time and I intend to carry it in my heart as a precious treasure.

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Annie said...

I am so thrilled that you got to do that! And I'm glad that somone likes that wretched white stuff 'cause I certianly don't!! Of course, I don't like it hot either. I wanna be just right!