Friday, November 11, 2011


A grateful thanks today, given with humble heart at the
sacrifice of the men and women of our armed forces 

Today, I honor my family members who have served
To my Sweet Daddy, Bobbie Buster, who served in the Korean Conflict.
To my ex husband, Ken McFetridge who served in the Air Force over a span of 2 decades both on active duty and in the Air National Guard. Ken supported the no-fly zone over Bosnia as well as serving in dangerous durg interdiction in the continuing war against drugs. 
 To my son, J McFetridge, who served during the War in Iraq and is now a disabled vet. 
My brother, Terry Buster who served during Viet Nam. 
My brother, Rob Buster who saw action in Macedonia and who served as career soldier. 
To my former father-in-law, Jim Lambirth, who served in the Marine Corps during Korea. 
To my former father-in-law, H.D. McFetridge, who also served during Korea.

To my grandfather, Malcolm Younger, who served as a Chaplain in WWII.
To my cousin, Mike Spencer, who served in the USAF.
To my nephew, Sherman Buster, who also served during Iraq and lives with a disability.
My great-uncles, Bob and Gene Austin, who served in the Navy during WWII. 
To thier brother, my great-uncle, Charles Austin
who served in WWII and who served as a career sailor. 
To my,other great uncles; 
Uncle Dude, Uncle Ralph and Uncle Frank Younger
 all who served in WWI. 

To Rocket Man's grandfathers,
Robert L.Osteen and Ed Massey, Jr.
who served in WWII.
To his uncle, Jerry Massey, who served during Korea. 
To Annie Massey who served in the Navy. 

To all of these, my family members,
I am grateful for your service. 

Many are no longer with us,
but to those who are...a heartfelt thanks. 

From the bottom of my heart

Thank you for serving.
Thank you for leaving such an amazing legacy. 

It is my prayer that when the time comes,
The Boys Fantastic
will look back at your example
and be willing to serve
if our country needs their service.

To my many friends who have served,
thank you, as well.

It is a day to remember.
A day to be grateful.
And I am.


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