Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Somehow, I thought I'd have more anwers than questions when I reached my {clears throat loudly} mid-fifties!  Silly me.

Somehow, I never really believed that I'd have to exercise more and eat less as I got older to maintain a size 6 body.  Ooops!  That one is in the rear view.  Silly me.

Somehow, I thought that once I was no longer listening for babies needing to be fed, children who might be ill or having a bad dream, teenagers sneaking in after curfew, or a husband who worked shifts...I would sleep deeply and soundly all night long.  Silly me.

Somehow, I thought that my energy levels would always remain high and I would be able to clean house all day and go dancing all night...forever.  Or at least long past this age.  Silly me.

Somehow, I thought I would magically become disciplined in all aspects of life when I attained midle age.  Silly, silly me.

But you know what?  Where I am...still full of questions, size larger than 6 body, insomniac, less than energetic and still not as disciplined as I would like to be...I'm mostly okay with most of that.  Because what I have somehow gained over the years is more grace. 

Grace to learn to trust God more fully for all my needs. Grace to become friends with me.  Grace to give myself a break.  Grace to linger over the good things and try to forgive the bad.    The grace of being loved wholeheartedly by a good man.  Grace to enjoy my grown up children and their spouses, my stepchildren and my adolescent grandchildren.  Grace to embrace my aging parents in new and poignant ways.  I find new graces daily and cling to them.

Somehow, in all that grace, I've found that I sort of like me.  Lots more than I ever thought I would.  Silly me! 



Annie said...

How 'bout that! I like you too! And I'm very glad you're just the way you are!

Mevely317 said...

I LOVE this post Mollianne!!!

I'm still at that point where, looking at old photos featuring the Size 6, energetic person that was me ... I wind up confused and disheartened.

Hope you don't mind if I help myself to a bit of the grace you've found?

Mollianne said...

Annie...I love you more and more!

Mevely, thank you, dear. The wonderful thing about grace is that it is abundant and free! Plenty to go around if we just accept it.