Friday, June 17, 2011


Here's the deal:  We write for 5 minutes from our heart.  We write unedited. We write for the joy of it.  We write without rewrites. We write and we link up and we share with each other.  Pretty neat idea. Come with me and join for 5 minute friday!  You won't be sorry, I promise.

The Prompt:  Home
Timer set for 5 minutes


Home.  I used to think it was a house.  Where I grew up.  Where my parents were.

No longer.

Home. It became the house where my children were.  Where we laughed and sprawled and crawled and it was a vast array of different houses, as we were a military family.

No longer.

Home.  It turned into a place I didn't want to be because it was as empty as my soul when their father left and the children scattered and I was facing a dark and uncertain future...alone.

No longer.

Home.  Now it  is that place where I handed my very wonded and bruised heart to a man whose heart was so tender and also war-worn.  Home is where he kissed me and in that kiss I began to believe that my heart could heal.  Home is where he put his arms around me and they have stayed.  Home is where he brushes my hair from my face and whispers, "God Bless my Molli and keep her in His care" in the middle of the night when he thinks I'm asleep. Home is where he intentionally works out to stay strong should I need him to lift me and carry me up the stairs on days I just can't make it myself.   Home includes all of our children and grandchildren and extended family, but mostly, it is that circle of unending, undying love of a union born from hurt and pain, cemented with grit and determination, blessed of God and nurtured with love, care, tenderness and laughter. 

Home, for me, is in the presence of the Rocket Man of my dreams.  Where he is, where we are togehter...that is home. My forever love.  My heart...Ed Massey


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Wandering On Purpose said...

What a blessing he must be. Reminds me of the song, "Feels Like Home To Me."

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a wonderful man! It sounds like the home you have built is very special.

Tammy said...

Life is so full of ups and downs. I am so thankful that the Lord is with us each step of the way.

Mollianne said...

Thanks, ladies. I feel like that song, "Feels Like Home to Me" was writte by someone who sneaked a peak into my heart.

Beth said...

this is beautiful, made me tear up a little:). Sounds like you have a very special man in your HOME.

HopeUnbroken said...

very sweet. . . .

Mollianne said...

Thank you, ladies. I cried while I wrote it. I am so thankful for the home I found.