Friday, May 27, 2011

In Which I Say Much of Nothing about Why I Haven't Blogged Much of Late

In the midst of a vacation, a tornado, an anniversary, a birthday and some other has gotten totally out of hand here in MolliWorld.  And while I am filling up a notebook with things to post about, I haven't gotten around to posting anything lately. 

In fact, not much has gone the way I planned lately.  I'm not complaining, I'm simply rolling with it. 

So, while I'm in the process of some major changes involving my blog, I'm not actually doing much in the way of blogging.  Please bear with me.  Things are about to a big way.

Rest assured, Rocket Man still rocks my world.  I'm still working at the Church House.  The Boys Fantastic are still in the picture.  My Annie with the million watt smile is another semester closer to graduation.  Our left west coast kids are doing A-okay.  I had a very nice, if somewhat low key, birthday.  Things are rocking along.  I'm just not writing about it at present. 

Stay tuned, though.  Because I'm about a month away from my next round of poison steroids.  I'll be writing like crazy, if past infusions are to be repeated.

I hope you are all doing well.  We're having a normal 3-day weekend around here.  Rocket Man has already asked if he can buy me breakfast tomorrow...and if I want to go to work with him tomorrow, since he's working on Saturday.  Ah....the good life!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


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