Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Whinings,-May 5, 2010

I was stumped yesterday when I considered what my whining was going to be today. I think I thought about something to whine about over the weekend…but I can’t remember. So…I’m going to whine because I can’t always rememberrrrrrr what I want to rememberrrr.

Then, I used my brand new Wii Fit last night for the first time. I can certainly whine about that contraption. First of all….it told me my center of balance was off. No Joke! I have a clinical diagnosis of being ‘offfffffff’ from a well respected Orthopedist in town. He looked at me and said, “Molli! You are just plain off” Thanks a lot, Doc! I have scoliooooooooosis. I have one leg shorrrrrrrrter than the other. Sometimes, I trip and fah-all!

So I don’t need a flipping machine telling me I’m off. Then, it tells me I’m obese and the little Mii character swells up and hangs her head. That made me feeeel so bah-ad. To make it worse, Rocket Man was on the bed behind me laughing at meeeeeee. Or, I should say at Miiiiiiiii.

Then, I did some of the exercises.

I stiinnnk at it.

Now, my back hurrrrrrrrts.

I woke up at 3 am and couldn’t go back to sleeeeeeep.

How ‘bout you? Anything to whine about?

You’ll notice that I STILL don’t have a logo for Wednesday’s Whinings. No more prizes until I have a logo. You know who you are....


Teri Lynne Underwood said...

I am sufficiently shamed. Though that coffee was good!! :)

Mollianne said...

You know I'm just playing with you! Love you much, and I loved your blog today, but our server has been screwy and wouldn't let me post my comments. And I'm sure if I could remember them at this point in the day, they would be profound.

Beth said...

I've heard that Wii Fit is pretty sarcastic. My mom has been tempted to throw the remote at it. Here are my whines for today: I keep having abdominal muscle spaaaasms! My hip is all locked uuuuuuupppppp. And I didn't get that much anticipated naaaaaaap!

There's my contribution for the week! And when you have that button, I can make it a complete post on my blog! :) hehe

Mollianne said...

Please be careful with you, Beth. Sounds to me like you are trying to channel my mother or something. Or, me on steroids. And I have to say I hate it when my hip locks uuuuupppp! That happens to me all the time. I think its because I'm ooooooffffff!

Annie said...

Do you really want me to start whining? I'm not sure I'd be able to stop. But it makes me thankful for thankful thursday.
My caaaarrrr is dead. I killed it. Transmission is gooooonnnne.
And know I have to drive Forest's stiiiiiinnnnky Explorer. And I don't liiiiike it.
And I didn't see my kids today. Not even a little bit.
While I was trying to sleep in my Carla caaalled me and I couldn't fall back to sleep.
I have three exams tomorrow and I don't waaannnna take them.
I have to be at one of the exams at 8am and that's to eeeaaarrrly to think.
The waiter carded me and I'm too old and to tired to be carded.
I really want to go to sleep but I have too much to doooooo.
Forest fussed at me for not paying enough attention, I think. And I don't like getting fussed at.
I tried to call my mother several times and I couldn't get a hold of her.
And I am really ready to be done but I'm not. Yet.
And I deserve a prize--thanks a lot, you know who you are....
And I'm tired of whining today (because maybe a good thing or two happened today too).

Mollianne said...

Precious Annie, you DO deserve a prize. And you deserve a Mother who can be reached and you do NOT deserve a fussing at, near or upon! 8 am IS too early to think, but you have such a big, giant brain, I bet you'll be okay. I'm sorry your car died and someday you will appreciate being carded. You can sleep next week and the week after. Hey...didn't you leave here with a piece of diamond jewelry on Saturday???? I'd call that a prize!

Beth said...

I think Annie wins the prize for this week! Poor Annie. We love, and just press on towards the goal! You are almost finished!