Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday's Thankful Thoughts-May 6, 2010

On this National Day of Prayer, I am thankful for the many sacrifices made by our forefathers to secure a land of freedom, opportunity and plenty for us. We just finished watching the HBO mini-series “John Adams” and I was taken by the personal sacrifices he and his family made to help establish our nation.

I am thankful that my beautiful and academically gifted daughter, Annie, had time between her finals and brought me lunch and spent a few hours with me at work. Those times are precious to me and I am very thankful to spend time with her.

I am thankful that our city was spared the awful destruction of the storms last weekend, and send heartfelt prayers to the communities all around us who suffered great losses.

My last thankful thought today is this: I am thankful for the amazing person who thought to invent air conditioning. It is nearly 90 degrees already and I am so grateful that I spend my days out of the elements.

What things make you thankful today?


Beth said...

I absolutely have to seconded that air conditioning! We are sitting at 90 as well! And I am so very thankful for an amazing husband who is outside sweating it out getting the chicks new house weather proof so they can move in and get out of the stifling heat of the tin shed they are in. It's a good thing to be able and WILLING to work, and to be lead by such a great man!

Country Gal said...

I'm thankful the sun is shining, my laundry is drying on the clothes line and my oldest daughter is making supper tonight!

Annie said...

Happpy Dance kind of thankful today!!
I am thankful that I live in a house that has additonal cars, so that evn though mine is dead, I still had the freedom of a car today.
I'm Thankful that I got to eat a good supper with good friends last night.
I'm thankful that after supper I got a cute dress.
I'm thankful that after dinner and shopping I was still able to get a paper written.
I'm thankful that I got to spend alone time with my mother today. Don't get to do it near often enough.
But to be perfectly honest, today I am most thankful that I am done with finals and done with this semester!!!

Mollianne said...

Berh, I'm believing in Global
Warming tonight. I'm so hot. We haven't turned the air on in the house, and I am between a rock and a hard place. Cool down and listen to *somebody* when the electric bill comes next month or suffer awhile longer? Right now, I'm choosing to suffer.

Country Gal, I absolutely adore the smell and feel of laundry that is dried on a line. I hope to be able to do that again someday.

Annie...I am glad that your finals are done, too. The only thing worse than living through that is watching someone you love. But the prize is really almost in sight. You are closer to being done and that is amazing! You are amazing and I am thankful for you.