Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I promise

I promise

I promise that I am going to try to do better. Really.

I promise that I am going to eat healthier foods, although I have made an effort in the past year to do just that and am sticking to it.

I promise…really and truly promise…that I am going to find out what is wrong with my back and do what the doctors tell me to do so that I can get back to a regular exercise regimen. Really. Truly. I’m thinking hard about it.

I promise that I am going to finish my ‘pay it forward’ projects and get them delivered before December 31, as I originally said I would. Really promise that one. I think about it every day.

I promise that I am going to clean up My Thoughtful Spot so I can fulfill the ‘pay it forward’ promise. Seems like I’m always having to clean up that room.

Hey…I promise that I will stop dumping everything that doesn’t have a home in My Thoughtful Spot! Once I get it cleaned up and figure out where everything goes. Then I won’t have to clean it so often!

I promise that if and when I find out why the quarterback (doesn’t matter which one, just the quarterback) doesn’t roll the pocket, Rocket Man will be the first person I tell. Promise. Cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die! While I’m finding that out, I’ll also ask why-Why-WHY don’t they take a knee when they catch a kickoff or punt in the end zone. I can pinky swear on that one, and spit over my shoulder! And guess who’ll be the first person I tell? Rocket Man! I promise!

I promise that I will try to stop being quite so headstrong when other people (especially the beloved Rocket Man) only want to help me.  I am always so  absolutely certain that I know the good, the better and the best.  I'm afraid this is where my masquerade has gaping holes.  I don't want anyone else to be the boss of me.  I think I'm pretty big.  So, I promise.  At least... I promise to try.

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