Friday, July 11, 2014

Photo Friday

Linking up with Diane W. Bailey this morning and her Photo Friday feature. 
I love, Love, LOVE taking pictures. Mostly I take them, I look at them, I post some to Facebook or Instagram and then I forget them.  Because, really? 
 I love taking the pictures.
Not so much the editing, labeling and saving part. 
I used to worry about that {perceived} flaw in my character but I've decided to give that up. 
I love taking pictures, so I take pictures. 
This morning I walked through the Prayer Garden at the Church House before I came into my office.  I snapped a few pictures with my phone with no intention of publishing them.  But when I saw Diane's link up, I thought I'd see how my morning walk pictures turned out on a screen larger than my phone.
It really is a lovely garden and I feel greatly blessed to be able to walk through it regularly, even occasionally to sit and spend a quiet moment in prayer among the flowers.

This shy hydrangea  was peeking out cautiously from the cover of her leaves


I caught this bathing beauty still dripping from her morning drink


Rosemary adds a delicious fragrance to my walk


This bit of sunshine  was lifting her face toward the heavens in praise

I love the light and shadow playing on the deck

Those few moments stolen from a busy morning
 have added a depth and richness to my day.

Those kinds of moments remind me
to inhale of God's rich blessings and goodness
and to exhale in prayer.

Happy Friday!



Sandra Heska King said...

I love the dew-dropped impatiens (?) or whatever pink beauty that is. It's amazing what the new camera phones can do.

Hopping over from Diane's today. :)

Diane Bailey said...

You photo are beautiful! I love the flowers and the way the light plays through the trees. Thank you for taking the time to link up! I love seeing your world!