Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Minute Friday-Dance

Its Friday and I'm linking up with Lisa Jo.  Normally, we get a prompt and write for 5 minutes. No editing, no rewrites.  Just pure and from the heart.

This week, I'm cheating.  I already have a piece that I wrote with this very prompt.  I probably wrote it in 5 minutes or less one morning.  I did not rewrite. I have not edited.  This is what came out of my pen that morning.  So, here is my contribution today.


The Dance
Like puzzle pieces, our limbs intertwine
Your knee fitting perfectly into the bend of my leg
Your long leg draped securely over mine which is short
Arms wrapped
Hands held
Gentle breath blowing across my neck
My hair in your face, tickling your cheek
A nighttime dance we perfect in our slumber
An unconscious reaching out for each other
Waking to the warm comfort of love that creates the blissful dance

My first thought a calculation of the hours
Until the dance will begin again


Anonymous said...

I never thought of nighttime as being a dance. What a great little poem! I love the descriptions and the way that you make such a perfect picture. Makes me really miss my nighttime dancing partner! I'm counting down the hours till our "dance" will begin again. :)

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

I have been there it's a lovely and cherished moment. Your right we wish everyday could be that way. :)