Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thinking about Valentine's Day

I know, I know.  Don't skip one holiday and hurry on to the next, right?

But I'm already thinking about Valentine's Day.

Hearts and L-O-V-E and such.

It all stems from rushing The Rocket Man to the ER with chest pains recently.
And getting the very good news that while we don't know exactly what caused those chest pains, we have ruled out any heart disease.  Which is good, because his family history of heart disease is simply dismal.

I saw the film from the heart cath.
I talked at length to the doctors and nurses who all concurred that this man of mine has a pretty strong and good lookin' heart.

All of which I already knew. 
Only I was thinking of the other heart.
The one that I fell in love with.
That heart that
offers grace
gives freely
loves joyfully

The heart that risked hurt by loving again after being quite battered and wounded.

It is a heart of faith.
A champion's heart.
The heart of my hero.
And THAT heart-
the one that I fell in love with-
well, there's nothing wrong with it.

The other one, the heart that  is defined by its arteries and muscles,
that one is doing just fine, too.

It beats a lovely lullaby to me at night as I fall asleep with my head on his chest.
Drumming a rhythm that offers comfort and security and shelter.

Both hearts combine make one giant of a man.
My Rocket Man
He's my gift.
And I am thankful.

So I'm really looking forward to Valentine's Day with the emphasis on hearts.
I am going to love the stuffin' out of some hearts in my house!
Both hearts, the anatomical heart and the heart/soul of my Rocket Man.
I'm going to celebrate those hearts in February
and I can't wait!!

Think I'll go ahead and get started.


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