Friday, July 29, 2011


Its Friday again, and time to play with Lisa-Jo and friends.  On Fridays, we write for the joy of the words.  We write with no edits or do-overs.  Simply write for the joy of it.  We set the timer and let our words flow from our hearts into our fingertips and onto the screen.  I just love 5 minute Fridays.  Its a wonderful excercise.

So, the timer is set.
The prompt is 'Still'

The earliest thing I really remember is being in a crib in my parents't room as a toddler.  And the feeling of being surrounded with comfort and warmth.  Because my Sweet Daddy was there.

I was a Daddy's girl from the time I could call him "My Sweet Daddy".  I'm told I would save a hurt knee all day long and begin crying pitifully when he opened the door so he would kiss it and make it better.  I'm sure that drove my Mother crazy!

I still remember being very naughty once when I was about 4 and begging my Mother to spank me, spank me please...but don't let my Sweet Daddy know I was a bad girl.

Istill  remember him holding me in his arms and singing to me and teaching me to trust in God during a storm, because I was terrified of the strom.

I still remember the look in his eyes when he baptized me.

I stil remember the tears that fell from his eyes as he walked me down the aisle and gave my hand to a young 2nd Lieutenant in marraige, and then stepped around us and performed the ceremony himself.

I still remember calling him when a doctor suggested I abort my second baby, because he thought it could get messy.

I still remember him offering his love and support when I called him to let him know that my teenaged daughter was pregnant and I didn't know where to turn.

I still remember showing him the broken pieces of my heart when my marraige failed.  I remember how important it was to me that he love and respect my new husband when I bravely tried again.

I still remember all these thing.

And still...always and ever...

I am a Daddy's girl. 
In fact,
I'm the Queen of Daddy's girls.


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Jennifer @ said...

Oh, Mollianne. What a beautiful reflection. Thank you for sharing.

Alyssa said...

I love this post! I write about my daddy on my blog, too-- my Living Like Lew posts are about him and the imperfect but wonderful fatherly love and example he was. You are blessed to have a Daddy who saw you through all of that. Aren't they precious men who step out of mere fatherhood into the role of Daddy?

Mollianne said...

Thank you, Jennifer and Alyssa, for stopping by!

Mollianne said...
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