Monday, October 19, 2009

Almost as Good as Christmas

I think I must be about the luckiest girl around. I'm married to such a dear man. Oh, he can be frustrating (can't we all?) and some of the things that I admire most about him are the very things that drive me up a wall (which I think is probably true in most relationships), but all in all...I think he is the most wonderful creature God ever created.

He's a rocket engineer. He's an athelete. He is passionate about University of Georgia football and University of Memphis basketball. He loves cars and working on them. He does that remote control thing that lots of men do. He leaves the toilet lid up, but he always puts his clothes in the hamper. He was a single dad with custody of his two daughters for 6 years before we got married, so he can be fairly self sufficient. He laughs and says that the only time he is in touch with his feminine side is when he is touching me. That is a true statement. He's a man's man! He has lots and lots of golf clubs, but thinks I have too many dishes. He also thinks I have too many shoes, and I counter with the number of tools he has. Oh, and tools brings me to the point of this post.

A dear co-worker of mine brought me some banana pudding while I was recovering from my recent surgery. As she walked through the garage, she asked Ed if he liked tools. He said yes. Then, she asked him if he would like to have some tools she had in storage. They were her father's tools, and he had been a Mac Tool distributer. She had been hoping to find someone who would take them and appreciate them. Ed was astonished and said that he would love to help her out.

He called our 'friend with a truck' who lives up the street from us, and who also works on cars and has a big, big garage full of tools. Larry was as excited as Ed and agreed to help pick up the tools and bring them home. They were both absolutely giddy.

Now, for you ladies who are like me and probably don't know all that much about tools...Mac tools are the smack daddy of automotive tools, I think. On top of that, these tools are sort of vintage. It would be like someone telling me that they had a kitchen remodel to give away, would I like to have it. This is a big, stinking deal!

So, Sunday evening, we took the truck and met my co-worker at her storage facility to get said tools. They are in a large rolling toolbox with all these neat drawers. The box has a nice, new home in our garage. Only there's a catch. The drawers are locked and the keys have been misplaced. So its like Christmas anticipation at our house right now. There are new toys to play with and we can't get to them.

Ed called his mother to see if she could help. Seems that she once took a Locksmithing class with Ed's dad and she was pretty good at picking locks. Who knew? Since she was out of town last week on her birthday, I fixed dinner to celebrate and Ed picked her up on his way home. She brought her lock-picking kit and went right to work on that lock after we ate. She poked and jimmied. She held her mouth this way and that way. She really tried hard. She couldn't get that lock unlocked.

Not only does Mac make good tools, but they also put good locks on the drawers of the toolboxes. Larry called this evening to see what was in the box, and came by to watch the picking process (and helped us eat some of the food that was leftover from dinner!). She gave it one more try and had to give in.

From here, I guess we'll contact Mac and give them the serial number on the toolbox and see if they can get us a key. If not, maybe we'll call a professional locksmith to come and take a look at it.

Until it gets opened, I have a husband who is like a child sneaking down to shake boxes under the Christmas tree. He has a treasure but can't get to it. At least not yet. But in the battle of Ed vs. the toolbox, my money is on Ed!

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